Privacy Statement

Collection and use of personal information

  • The Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government (hereinafter called “ID”) uses the server with security function to protect your privacy, but the responsibility of the ID is only limited to the relevant personal identification information obtained by the ID during your registration.  
  • In order to deal with your application for you to be registered as athlete of the "Macao International Marathon", the ID will collect your personal identification information.
  • While you register, the following information will be collected: Your name, ID card/Passport number, nationality, e-mail address, date of birth, sex, telephone number and address, etc.
  • Your respective personal identification information obtained by the ID will be used for the following purposes: To deal with your application, to notify you the latest activity information and sports news of the ID.
  • ID will never collect or access your payment card information or bank account details, such as number, etc. The information collected will be encrypted with SSL and sent to the Payment Gateway of the bank.
  • The personal data collected is used for the enrollment of sports activities and will be recorded in the database. The data will be provided to relative sports association who is organizing the activity. According to Law no. 8/2005, the party concerned is entitled to the right of access, right of rectification and right of update the data maintained by Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government. All personal data will be kept strictly confidential and ensured of security.


  • Though the ID had taken adequate measures to prevent disclosure of your personal identification information while sending the information on the network, but you understand and know that it is certainly risky to transmit the information on the net, therefore, you agree to undertake by yourself all these risks and losses caused thereby, the ID will not bear any responsibility for this.
  • Because this website links to other websites, the contents of those websites are set up and maintained by those organizations which the websites belong to. This website provides those links to the users only by way of an additional service, when you link to other websites through those links, it means you have already left this website, so you will no more be governed by this privacy policy. To the accuracy and integrality of the contents of those websites, this website is unable to control or guarantee, and will not accept or bear any responsibility either.

Inquiry, alteration or deletion of information

  • If there is any inquiry, alteration or deletion of information, please get in touch with the ID, e-mail address:, relevant service charges may be collected.


  • If this privacy policy has any change, the new edition will be published and replace the old one, also the date of revision will be indicated in the document and without further announcement.