Event Title: 2023 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon
Date: 3 December 2023 (Sunday)
Organizers: Sports Bureau of Macao SAR GovernmentGalaxy Entertainment GroupGeneral Association of Athletics of Macau
Aim: To boost local sports development, and strengthen bond with other countries that contributes to the promotion of sports tourism of Macao.


Marathon Half Marathon Mini Marathon
42.195km 21.0975km Approx 6.3km


All races are classified into male and female categories, with respective age categories as determined by the year of birth of the participants:

Male and Female
Category Year of Birth
A 1994-2003
B 1989-1993
C 1984-1988
D 1974-1983
E 1973 or before
Half Marathon
Category Year of Birth
A 1995-2005
B 1984-1994
C 1972-1983
D 1971 or before
Mini Marathon
Category Year of Birth
A 2005-2008
B 1984-2004
C 1983 or before

Race Quota:

  • 1,400 participants for Marathon;
  • 4,800 participants for Half Marathon;
  • 5,800 participants for Mini Marathon.


Date Venue Time Content
29/11/2023 - 01/12/2023 Broadway MacauTM M/F 12:00-21:00

Collection of number bib and timing chip, Information to the Athletes document upon presentation of registration receipt and ID.

02/12/2023 Broadway MacauTM M/F 10:00-22:00
03/12/2023 Olympic Sports Centre Stadium (Taipa) 05:00 First call (Stadium doors will be opened)
06:00 Start of Marathon
06:00 Start of Half Marathon
06:15 Start of Mini Marathon
08:00 Award Ceremony for Mini Marathon
09:00 Award Ceremony for Half Marathon
12:00 Award Ceremony for Marathon
12:00 End of the competiton

Facilities and Services:

Distance indicators A total of 42 signboards, located every 1 km
First aid stations and mobile toilets Placed along the course
Showers One in Macao Peninsula and one in COTAI
Refreshment Stations A drinks station will be set up within the first 5km and water, sports drinks or sponges are supplied every 2.5km after. A signboard will be placed 100m before each refreshment station.
Finish line area Supplied with water, sports drinks, bananas and chocolate.
Facilities Toilets, changing rooms, shower facilities and storage for personal belongings.
Weather Please refer to the Meteorological and Geophysics Bureau for information.
  • All the information provided to the athletes by the Organizing Committee of the race (including “Information to the Athletes” etc) will be considered as part of this regulation in all circumstances;
  • All omitted cases will be settled by the Organizing Committee, and in case of doubt, the Organizer reserves the right of making the final decision on the issue in question;
  • By submitting application, participants have agreed to enter the 2023 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon and have also agreed to abide by the conditions of registration and the event, and any instructions given by the Organizing Committee;
  • Participants in the 2023 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon are required to comply with the Competition and Technical Rules of World Athletics.