Eligibility for entry:

  1. Each athlete can only participate in one race category. Upon confirmation, registration cannot be cancelled and all paid registration fee will not be refunded;
  2. If the Organizer discovers that an athlete registers for another category/race with different data, his/her participation will be cancelled and all paid registration fees will not be refunded;
  3. All quota, number bib and timing chip cannot be exchanged, resold or transferred to other athletes under any circumstances; or else, the athletes will be disqualified.  All paid registration fees will not be refunded.


Time Limit:

Each race has the following time limit:

Time Limit 5 hours
Finish Time 11:00
Half Marathon
Time Limit 2 hours and 30 mins
Finish Time 08:30
Mini Marathon
Time Limit 1 hour and 15 mins
Finish Time 07:30


Course Map:

  1. The Organizer will set up several Check Points along the course of Marathon and Half Marathon athletes and all participants are required to pass the Check Point. The Organizer reserves the right to stop the athlete who could not pass the Check Point before the specified time limit;
  2. The Check Point will be located depending on the road condition and will be announced before the Marathon starts;
  3. Courses of each race will be closed according to the time limit as specified in the above point 2;
  4. Athletes who cannot complete the courses within the time limit must follow the instruction of the Organizer to leave the course as safety measures for athletes will be removed;
  5. The route was certificated by an official AIMS delegate, in accordance with the international IAAF regulations.


  1. Athletes of Marathon, Half Marathon and Mini Marathon will be provided a number bib and a timing chip;
  2. Athletes must follow the instructions of the Organizer to wear the timing chip and number bib during the race, in particular that the number BIB must be worn on the chest;
  3. In case of missing or wrongly-placed timing chip or number bib, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the runner’s result;
  4. Electronic Chips Timing System is used for the race which provides Official Time (Gun Time) and Personal Times (Chip Time/Net Time) for each athlete. Results will be based on the Official Time in accordance with IAAF Standards;
  5. Athletes should pass the Check Point according to the instruction of the Organizer. Should any Check Point record be found incomplete, the athletes will not be listed in the general classification and their result will not be counted.

Medals and Certificates for Finishers:

  1. Athletes who finished the race within the time limit shall be awarded a medal and a certificate. Athletes can download the certificate through the following
  2. Athletes who finished the race within the time limit should present the number bib to collect the medal at the finish line. If the slip on the number bib is missing, the medal will not be provided. Only in exceptional cases, the medals will not be re-distributed;
  3. For those athletes who cannot complete the races within the time limit mentioned above, medals and certificates will not be provided, and their results will not be recorded and listed in the general classification;
  4. Number bib and timing chip cannot be exchanged or transferred to other athletes under any circumstances; or else, the athletes will be disqualified and no certificate will be provided;
  5. Should there be any mistakes found on the certificate, participants are required to contact the Organizer before 26 December 2019 for alteration. Request after that date will not be accepted.

Doping Control Test:

  1. The Organizer will conduct a doping test on Marathon and Half Marathon. The arrangements are as follows:
    General Classification Male & Female

    Athletes from the first 3 places

    plus three to be chosen at random from 4th – 10th place.

    Macao Athletes Male & Female

    Athletes from the 1st place

    plus one to be chosen at random from 2nd – 5th place.

    Half Marathon
    General Classification Male & Female

    Athletes from the 1st place

    plus three to be chosen at random from 2nd – 5th place.

    Macao Athletes Male & Female

    One athlete to be chosen at random from the first 3 places.

  2. Any participating athletes who fail to pass the Doping Control test, the athlete’s ranking and prize will be cancelled;
  3. All male and female athletes are required to attend the anti-doping control in accordance with IAAF rules.


  1. According to the rules & regulations, any appeals must be reported to the “Technical & Appeal Council” within 30 minutes after the results announcement by filling an appeal form, and the form must be returned within 45 minutes after the results announcement. An appeal fee of MOP$800 or US$100 should be paid together with the appeal form. The Technical & Appeal Council only accepts the appeal application based on the above mentioned procedure; should the appeal be accepted, the appeal fee will be refunded;
  2. Any complaints, comments or appeals that does not fall in the above terms and conditions should be reported to “Referees and Umpires” instead.

Safety policies and regulations for athletes:

  1. Athletes are recommended to have a self assessment of one’s own health condition for race participation and should undergo full practice before registering for the race;
  2. The act of registration implies that the athlete declares that his/her health condition is adequate for participating in the race, and that he/she takes full responsibility for any health changes that appear during the race;
  3. If athletes feel unwell during the race, they should inform the nearby Staff at once. Staff will try their best to arrange for any necessary support;
  4. To ensure safety of athletes, the Organizer will take measures to keep the course in well order, and participants must comply with the instructions of the staff;
  5. The Organizer will try their best to secure the safety of participants, and will provide necessary support in case of any accidents or force majeure occurred during the race. But the Organizer shall not be held liable for any accident including the casualties of the participants, during the race;
  6. Except for race officials, any person without a valid number bib for the 2019 Macao International Marathon will not be allowed to enter the race course. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the course immediately;
  7. Non-OC staff and non-participants (including family members, audience, etc.) should not enter the course due to safety reasons;
  8. In accordance with Article 144 of the International Athletics Federation Competition Rules, the Organizing Committee shall have the right to disqualify any participants who have been confirmed in any way in receiving foreign assistance on the course;
  9. Public Liability Insurance is covered by Organizer. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately, if necessary.
  10. The race may be cancelled if typhoon signal no.3 or above is hoisted, of if a rainstorm signal is still in force in 3:00 am on Sunday, 01 December 2019. Participants should refer to news updates and online announcement. Should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control the Organizer or in the case of force majeure, 50% of registration fee will be refunded before 30 June 2020, and the Organizer shall have no further responsibility and/ or liability thereafter.
  • All the information provided to the athletes by the Organizer of the race (including “Information to the Athletes” etc) will be considered as part of this regulation in all circumstances;
  • All omitted cases will be settled by the Organizer, and in case of doubt, the Organizer reserves the right of making the final decision on the issue in question.
  • By submitting application, participants have agreed to enter into the 2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon and have also agreed to abide by conditions of registration and the event, and any instructions given by the Organizer;
  • Participants in the 2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon are required to comply with the competition rules of the IAAF.