Active Group Trophy

  • An award will be given to the group who completes the race with the largest number of participants in the Mini Marathon, under the following categories:
    1. Schools;
    2. Sports Associations and Government Registered Organizations;
    3. Public and Private Entities.
  • Entities intending to compete for the “Active Group Trophy” are required to submit a separate registration, with details as follows:
    1. Only registered students/members/employees of the corresponding entity are allowed to take part as members of the group;
    2. Registration form of the “Active Group Trophy” can be downloaded from the official website, which should then be filled in with the names, ID card/passport numbers and registration numbers of the participants who successfully registered to take part in the event;
    3. The completed registration form must be submitted by 20 October 2023 via email to, or submitted in person to the Sports Bureau.