Qualification and Conditions of registration:

Citizen, holding a valid identification document, of any nationalities that correspond to respective age group is eligible to register;

Registsration Method:

  1. Registration can be processed online or onsite registration, whilst fax and mail etc will not be accepted;
  2. All quotas are assigned on a first come first served basis in accordance to the date and time of a successful registration;
  3. Registration is subject to quota limits, and will be closed once the quota is full.

Date of Registration:

Race Events Date of Registration
Marathon & Half Marathon From 9 am on 22 September 2018
Mini Marathon From 9 am on 23 September 2018

Online registration:

  1. Click to the official website: and follow the guidelines to process the registration;
  2. Registration fee payment is only accepted by means of credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD & UnionPay);
  3. After payment has been made successfully, the Organizer will issue a “Registration Completion Email” to the applicants to confirm completion of registration;
  4. Once the Organizer approves the registration, the applicants will receive a “Race Acceptance Email” and “Race Acceptance Receipt”;
  5. “Race Acceptance Email” and “Race Acceptance Receipt” will be sent within one week after the registration;
  6. All applicants are required to present the “Race Acceptance Email” and “Race Acceptance Receipt” for the collection of the number bib and chip.

Onsite registration:

  1. Applicants should fill in a registration form in person or through a representative, and submit the form along with a photocopy of valid identification document or AGAM membership card and registration fee, at the registration counter on the dates as stated in point 3:
    Location Address Working Hours
    Macao Forum Av. De Marciano Baptista 09:00 – 18:00
  2. From 24nd September 2018, onsite registration will be at the following venue:
    Location Address Working Hours
    General Association of Athletics of Macau Olympic Sport Centre Stadium,
    Avenida Olímpica, Taipa.Macao
    Monday to Friday:
    9:30 – 13:00, 14:30 – 18:30
    Saturday: 9:30 – 13:00
    Sunday and Public
    Holidays: Closed
  3. Applicants could only submit a maximum of 15 registration forms per person each time;
  4. Only cash in MOP/HKD will be accepted, any exchange rate differences will not be provided;
  5. Upon confirmation of registration, “Race Acceptance Receipt” will be received immediately;
  6. All applicants need to present the “Race Acceptance Receipt” for the collection of the number bib and chip.

Registration Fee:

Applicants Classification Marathon Half Marathon Mini Marathon
Athletes affiliated to the AGAM
(Athlete must submit photocopy of Macao SAR Resident ID and valid membership card)
100 100 -
Local Athletes
(Athlete must submit photocopy of Macao SAR Resident ID)
150 150 50
Non Local Athletes
(Athlete must submit photocopy of the ID of his/her belonging country/region)
400 400 70

Change of Race Events:

  1. The Organizer will only consider permission to change the registered race on special condition, subject to the quota of the desired race category. Alteration will not be accepted when quota is full;
  2. A written request should be submitted for the Organizer’s consideration before 9 November 2018, 17:30, stating clearly the reasons for the change of Race Event, which should be accompanied by an administration fee of MOP/HK$100 (exchange rate difference will not be considered);
  3. If the change is from Mini Marathon to Half Marathon & Marathon, payment of the entry fee difference should be made;
  4. If the change is from Marathon or Half Marathon to Mini Marathon, the entry fee difference will not be refunded;
  5. The organizer will evaluate the request, and the administration fee will not be refunded to unsuccessful applicants.

  • All the information provided to the athletes by the Organizer of the race (including “Information to the Athletes” etc) will be considered as part of this regulation in all circumstances;
  • All omitted cases will be settled by the Organizer, and in case of doubt, the Organizer reserves the right of making the final decision on the issue in question.
  • By submitting application, participants have agreed to enter into the 2018 Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon and have also agreed to abide by conditions of registration and the event, and any instructions given by the Organizer;
  • Participants in the 2018 Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon are required to comply with the competition rules of the IAAF.